My Daughter Said: Arrived home on Monday about noon time. Like they say there's no place like home. We spent the afternoon unloading some, but it was so hot, so we still have a lot to do. I was surprised about how good the house did being closed up for 4 months. I think John did a walk through twice, Larry once or twice, and Candice and Matt once. I was expecting a dusty house, but it actually looked great. Rick got the water turned on and the appliances and so far everything is good. Now, I really understand why there are snow birds in Florida. As you get older the heat of Florida gets harder and harder to enjoy..... by the way we checked and it was 60 yesterday afternoon in Custer, SD. I do really love this house! I am attaching the GPS coordinates for here and then I am off to the grocery store. Candice has surgery today and I am going to make them a few home cooked meals to drop off tomorrow.