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Diesel Economy Is What The Country Needs

We have lots of large powerboats in this country that can't go anywhere. They stay in a slip until they get pulled out to sit somewhere else or they sink. We don't use them because they cost too much money to operate. We have all seen marina full of these don't go anywhere boats.

The solution to this problem is an easy one. We have to go slow like the people in Europe do. They pay an extremely high tax on fuel and most of the common people go slow to save fuel. The price of fuel in this country has been going up for some time and the same problem exist here for the average boater. Most people can't pay $500 for a day on the water. In some cases, people have to go fast to get from point to point. Most of can plan our outings where hull speed can accomplish what we need to do.

Not all boats can be adapted to diesel power, but most can. And the good news is that we have a glut of used diesels on the market. No one can say anything good about a hurricane, but the availability of used diesel may be the exception. A boat is damaged and junked after a hurricane. The diesel is salvaged and put to work again. The money sounds good, but how can it be done? Several sailors are doing it and publishing thier results on the Internet. Most are currently adapting the IO configuration to their diesel installation. Most have to live with 7 knots of speed. They are enjoying boating again because they can afford to be on the water.

A good example of a boat to modify is the Sea Ray 25. This 1986 boat had a large V/8 Chevrolet engine and an even larger fuel tank. The engine weigh was 1000 pounds and the boat had a hard time handling that much weight in the stern. A large diesel motor is about 400 pounds and can be used with it own transmission and direct drive or modified as an IO. The boat's maximum speed will only be 7 knots, but we get extra space in the engine compartment and we will save lots of money on fuel. The most important plus is the boat will have a rebirth as a useful part of the average person's recreational needs.