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The Language of Sailing

Angle of heel A hull reference point used while sailing.
Beam The sides of a boat.
Beam reach Sailing between close hauled and a broad reach.
Bow Forward end of boat.
Broad reach Sailing between beam reach and a run.
Camber Extra cloth in a sail designed to form an air foil.
Clew Aft end of sail at the foot.
Close hauled Sailing close to the wind.
CLR Center of lateral resistance.
Foot Bottom edge of a sail.
Genoa Larger headsail, size could be 150%.
Halyard Lines used for raising sails.
Head Topmost part of a sail.
Heel A boat leaning over at some angle.
Jib Headsail, size could be 100%.
Jib sheet Jib sail shape and trim control.
Jibe Changing direction going downwind.
Knots Speed and distance measurement or line connections.
Leach Trailing edge of a sail.
Lee helm Unbalanced condition forcing boat away from the wind.
Luff The leading edge of a sail or a shaking sail.
Main sheet Mainsail shape and trim control.
Mainsail Sail located behind the main mast.
On the wind Sailing as close to eye of wind as possible.
Port Left side of boat looking forward.
Roach Unsupported sail cloth, aft sail edge.
Run Sailing downwind.
Sheets Lines used for trimming sails.
Spinnaker The queen of racing sails.
Starboard Right side of boat looking forward.
Stern Rear of boat.
Tack Forward end of sail at the foot.
Tacking Changing direction while sailing into the wind.
Topping lift Line used to hold boom up when the mainsail is down.
Vang Mainsail shape control.
Weather helm Unbalanced condition forcing boat into the wind.